Monday, August 28, 2006

A homage to two lovely fashionistas, Sabrina and Salome

It all started so innocently, with a trip to Tete a Pied to see if I missed anything, Which I did, there's a set of "black and white film" skins.

While I was there I saw the newly installed dressing rooms so I decided to try them out and used the teleport thingy. They're good sized rooms, no just a cubicle, so you can get a good look at your avatar from many angles and distances. While there I decided to check out some things in my inventory and try them on. I found a tartan plaid swimwear set that was a freebie, an dput it on. Then I thought, hey, this would look really cute with ETD Patootie. So I changed my hair. And then I put on my glasses. Hmmmmm, this looks familiar.

Then I tried on a pink pajama set, that didn't rez properly the last time I tried it on. Then I thought, I should wear my button nose bear(from the Toy Shop at the Dickens Fair), and how about this cute hair from Panache in red.. Hmmm, this also looks familiar.

Sabrina and Salome really need to post on their blog more.

Sabrina Doolittle's and Salome Strangelove's Linden Lifestyles Blog was one of the first fashion blogs I found when I searched for info on how to become "pretty". And I truly appreciate all their hard work they put into it and thanks to them (and other bloggers and the content creators) I'm "pretty".

They blog about business owners and content providers but rarely get blogged about themselves so here's to Sabrina and Salome, fashionistas and entrepreneurs.

Chez Petite is the brainchild of Sabrina, who saw a need for low prim furniture for new householders. It's also reasonably priced and very cute. If I ever own property and want to furnish a residence, Chez Petite will be my first stop.

Here's a lovely bed:

And a good sized chair:

And a large sofa:

Here's a tai chi mat and meditation pillow with built in poses:

There's even beach blankets and furniture for your beach house/party.

Esprit Decor is owned by Salome and sells testures for every need.

Including lovely hair textures, so there's no need to steal them if you're a new hair designer in need of quality textures.

If I ever need textures, this will be my first stop.

Bon Vivant is Sabrina and Salome's joint venture, it's sort of like those real life "two stylish fashionable women friends who are masters of organizing/decorating open up a catering/events/party planning" business.

Looks like they have everything a party needs.

They could probably get you an elephant if you wanted one. (Psst, if you ever need an elephant, I'm your gal.:-)

Fashionista Transparency:

Seen in World: Yes, I've visited their stores, obviously. :-)
Friends list: Sabrina: Yes. Salome: No. I'm not on any groups related to their business ventures
Review copies: No, I just wanted to show my appreciation for how much their blog helped me.

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