Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Not long after joining SL, I read of a dress release in the spring by Torrid Midnight in her Torridwear store called, City Girls: Spring Flowers. I also read that they didn't sell very well, compared with Torrid's clubwear/corsets and the like. I was surprised, I thought the dresses were very pretty in a SATC Charlotte way. So I bought the set. They really are just simply pretty dresses, they come with shoes, bracelet and a bag with a sweet animation override that gives the avatar a dainty little walk, sit and stand.

yes, I have pictures, I didn't have a skin when I took the screenshots. I'm wearing the Audrey hairstyle from Six Kennedy's Gurl 6 store that I've used in other photos, it suits these dresses very well indeed. In fact I bought the hair to go with the dresses.

It's still summer, so there's still time to buy and wear them to death. What am I saying, in SL it's endless summer. :-) Please, make the fashion gods happy and buy the pretty, so Torrid will moke more pretty.

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