Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shoes from Sylfie

I heard about Sylfie Minogue and her Prim Seduction shoes, very soon after joining SL. It probably was within hours. For me the hard part was finding Sylfie's store, any searches for her shoe will lead you to Jolie's Boutique, which doesn't carry her shoes. The secret is is that Sylfie's boutique is just outside Jolie's. :-)

When I finally found them I went, "woah". These weren't your ordinary shoes, these were wearable art. Now admittedly some of them were a bit over the top for the kind of things my avatar wears, but there were some shoes I desired, right then and there.

However, I was without my perfect shoes....these shoes. My pretty Katharine Mary Janes from JC Penney,

Which themselves were probably inspired by these very famous shoes, the Manolo Blahnik Campari Mary Janes

Now I had seen some there were close, but just not close enough. One shoe that came very close was Sylfies' "Origin". Almost perfect, except the heel is metal, and that just makes them a little bit too fabulous. But I made do, and they're still gorgeous.

I was discussing my shoe woes with another Av (it probably was Alaska Metropolitan of OPIUM)when she suggested I contact Sylfie to see if she could make me my perfect shoes.

I hadn't actually thought of doing that, you see, I carry over some of my thinking about designers in the RL who are inaccessible and don't talk to just any lowly worm. Which was kind of stupid considering who I was talking to. (probably, it was either her or Sabrina Doolittle )

So I IM'd Sylfie and after I explained what I wanted, finally realizeing I could make it easier by showing her a picture, she said yes. And a day later there abouts, I had them.

My totally awesome shoes, my perfect shoes, my jeans stiletto's, my dress stiletto's, my trouser stilleto's, my "they look good with anything stiletto's". Not only that, but she asked whether I'd like them in grey and since I had the Marissa dress from Dazzle I said, "can you match this dress" and she did! right in front of me!

Not long after acquring them another AV said to me, paraphrasing "wow, nice shoes, they look Italian" Which was basically the point of their pointy toed goodness :-)

The style name is Uno, and they'll be available for sale in the future. Thanks Sylfie, You're Awesome!

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