Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tete a Pied Deux Preview (and launch)

I'm a member of the Tete a Pied announcement group and received the notecard for the Fairy Tale themed launch party on Saturday at 1 PM SLT, Odds are I won't be able to attend. :-( but today, there was avery special early epreview for members of the TaP group and luckily I was online when it was anounced.

I popped right over.

The new building is larger and taller. The displays and demos are up and running. The whole building was loaded almost immediately upon entering. (I luv the new client!)

I saw CJ right off and Roslin showed up within seconds. She pointed me to the demos and I was trying to figure out which ones was similar to the NYC shade of Tete Une. She then said "you wear NYC right?" and then pointed me to the shades.

The new shades are a bit diffeernt than the old ones and are named differently. There's basic shades like Rose and Bronzage and then Light medium and dark shades withi them. I didn't look at them all but here's a quick apporximation of the ones I tried.

Rose Light, it's not as white as a dresden but very pale, suitable for goths and bloodsuckers. :-)

Rose Medium, similar to the Paris.of Tete Une

Rose Dark, similar to the NYC.

Bronzage light, imagine if NYC used one of those moisturizers with subtle self tanner for a light glow and that's what it's like

Bronzage Medium: Hollywood, though IMHO it's just a touch darker.

The makeups with in shade families do not use the old names, which though sometimes comfusing Like having a paris makeup in the NYC shade and NYC makeup in the paris shade, I liked.

Th new naming system is grouped in style families, like Ingenue, Enigma, Sultry, and Sophisticate.with four makeups in each style.

Ingenue is very light makeup sometimes with freckles, it made my avatar look very young and teenagery.

Enigma is very fashion forward, tending towards lighter lips and intensely pigmented shadows, somewhat like the L'Oreal HIP shadows. The shadows were awesome.

Sultry is your standard evening makeups. tending towards smoky eyes.

Sophisticated, are strong lips neutral eyes makeups.

I tried on every Rose Dark demo.:-)

They're obviously TaP skins, they have the shading and the prettyness, but they look more modern and sophisticated. The lips OMG the lips.they're fuller than the Tete Une lips (meaning they'll work better on more shapes) and they're gorgeous. Not so glossy as the Tete Une lips though.

The noses are great too, I like them better than the Tete Une noses.

I saw skins that reminded me of the looks of a few famous fashionista's namely Six Kennedy, Celebrity Trollop and Sylfie Minogue. Putting it bluntly, whether you're a sophisticate fashionista or an escort I think you'll find a skin you'll love in the new series. Especially with the new cleavage shading, which is really something to see. I was wearing the Witchy black dress from Luxe and when I tried on a skin it was like va va voom.(My avatar's breast size is at 66, IIRC.) I didn't do a "kitty" examination but the pubic hair looks very similar in style to that of Tete Une. I forgot to check if they have the french mani/pedi of the Tete Une skins.

As a member of the TaP group I got a gift skin, I chose the Sophisticate 1 makeup. and here it is:

One thing you'll notice are the brows, this time red or blonde brows are speacil aorder for an additional charge. when I get the money to purchase the skins and I most certainly will I will get red brows. Thats one complaint, I'd like to see red brows in the vendors. I got spoiled by Tete Une that way. :-)

Single skins are 1000L a four pack is 2500L, note the pricing is different than Tete Une. I don't begrudge the higher four pack cost because she was practically giving the Tet Une away at 1200 for the four pack.I got the entire 14 makeup Tete Une NYC collection for what was it less than 5000L, lets see four pack at 1200 + 10 at 350 (via the makeup box), yep. Steal. They may be discontinued though, I didn't see them in the new build, so pick them up if you want them. They are still among the prettiest sweetest demure and lovely hand drawn skins out there if your shape works with the lips.

Roslin and CJ are thinking about doing something similar to the makeup box but haven't decided yet on whether they are doing anything and what they will do if they do decide to do something.

In summary the Tete Deux are among the highest quality hand drawn skins out there and I will continue to suggest a visit to the store for all.

Fashionista Transparency:

Seen in World: Yes
Review copy: No, this post is based on the demos in the store itself.I'm not planning on becoimg a formal reviewer, that's Celebrity Trollop's, and Sabrina/Salome's job. :-)
Roslin on Friend list: Yes, she friended me today. and I'm in her TaP group.


Anonymous said...

lovely skins you look so prety but dont froget the ladies and man over at pxp who review things :-)

Celebrity Trollop said...

Oh great! My look is "sophisticated escort!!"