Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ordinal Malaprop, scripter ad alta has created a HUD script called SLurlblogger that can send notes with the SLurl of your current location from a chat channel to an email account. But for me, whose SL running machine machine is not so powerful, it's useful for notes in general. Rather than loading up Notepad and using up valuable RAM and CPU cycles I can just use the HUD and e-mail notes to myself for later usage,either in this blog or otherwise.

It's available (for free) at:

Caledon 83,36,30 - O
rdinal Malaprop's shoppe in Caledon steampunk weaponry, gadgets and freebies,

And it's also at (also for free)

SLurlblogger on SL Boutique

SLurlblogger on SL exchange

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