Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Eyes, they Glow.

I had read about the Lynnix prim "fake eyelashes" on the blogs of the usual suspects: Sabrina and Salome's blog and Celebrity Trollop's blog

Now I'm a big aficionado of fake eyelashes in RL,even though I don't actually wear them that often, my favorites being the MAC #5's, so I just had to try them. You can see them in some of my earlier blog posts but I'll post some images that you can see them even better. I so love the way they look on my avatar....Awesome.:

worn with a Tete a Pied skin, very Audrey Hepburn:

And worn with my Celebrity Moonbeam, a sultry Audrey Hepburn :-)

Astute readers will notice the new eyes in the above picture. When I was chatting with Sylfie Minogue, awesome shoemaker, during the delivery of the shoes, I asked if she had any advice on improving my avatar's appearance and she said "eyes". And said they were rather plain and drab. :-) So I went back to the blogs, and read about the Perfect Peepers from NYTERAVE. They're scripted, the left eye has emotes, including a care bear hug, and the right eye has scanning functions. Not only that, but they glow and bling a little. These are the #66's.(also used by Sabrina Doolittle) a rather intense green. I might have chosen a different color but there are 140 colors and clicking through each one and waiting for the texture to load was slow. It would be nice if NYTERAVE had a chart showing all the colors, and a vendor that perhaps let you pick the ones you wanted by inputting the numbers. I don't know if that's possible or not. More on store layour/design/vendors in another blog post

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