Monday, August 28, 2006

Hail to the Trollop, Celebrity Trollop

Celebrity Trollop's blog was among one of the first SL fashion blogs I found and I pored over it for shopping advice and fashion tips. I also enthusiastically e-mailed her in my early days and she was nice enough to respond with more good advice. Thanks so much Celebrity.

Not only is she a fashionista blogger she's one the guiding lights behind the Second Style SL fashion magazine. YOu can read it in game or via PDF on your PDF form. It's professionally done, and putting it bluntly, is a better read than Cosmo these days.

She's also a designer muse, having had skins and fashions inspired by and named after her, and she has one of the best names in Second Life. Let it roll of your tongue, Celebrity Trollop.

Here's to you, Celebrity, Hurrah!

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