Sunday, August 13, 2006

Smaller designers

Sometimes I think some of the smaller design houses get overlooked in blogpspace in comparison to the big name designers who do lots of output. This post is in part to remedy that.

The first person to friend me in SL was a designer, and I didn't even know that till a couple of weeks after. It was Tanya Book of the Fiendish 3. They don't have a large selection, but it is nice and I rather like the style of their products. Wore the Ann Taylor inspired "Connie in Pink" dress yesterday on grid, and got compliments from two people on it.

I saw Tanya recently in a monarch butterfly dress and asked where she got it, It turned out to be on of their designs. It's the Cheyenne, which has wings. Wings, I tell you.

Go visit their shop, please.

Another small designer, whom I have encountered, is Jennifer McLuhan.

I had just recently changed my home point from where I had originally came into the game at (via a podcast link) to a welcome point. One day, after I had just logged in an avatar with a lovely geen and gold dress came through.

"Where did you get that dress!"

"I made it"

"It's pretty enough to sell."

"I do."

She pointed me to her shop which has pretties in it. Some really simple/pretty/ann taylory dresses, which I booght since I wanted some simple "day dresses" and I had more lindens.

Waaah I need more lindens!

Anyway, it's nice stuff. That afore mentioned green/gold dress looks awesome on my pale skinned/auburn haired avatar. :-) Pale is the new tan!

Do a search and you'll find her shop. It's well worth a visit.

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