Tuesday, August 01, 2006

There couldn't be that much customization, could there? OMG! Yes!

Non players of the "game" might think, "There can't be that much ability to customize appearance" based on their experience in other games. They, like myself would be wrong.Because of the fashion and customization content created by players, the possibilities are endless. And I do mean endless.

Now I must admit that there seem to be certain looks that are gravitated to by the community, but so far I have not seen any "twins" like in EQOA or Final Fantasy XI Quick example:

Here's an image of the avatar of Salome Strangelove, fashionista and blogger Linden Lifestyles

And here a recent one of my avatar:

Now we're both wearing the adorable Patootie hairstyle from ETD, and glasses, but we look very different. We have different facial structure due to our "shapes" ad "skind". Even something as simple as glasses can have many customization features. I can change those frames, the color/translucency of the lenses and other features at a whim.because those glasses aren't just a single item, they're scripted in Linden Scripting Language. They can do things. And that is just a small part of the customization allowed. It's like Barbie, taken to 11. No wait, Barbie taken to 111.

but it is damned fun, that's what it is.

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