Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tete Deux!

An online friend that I know from another forum is also in second life and I was looking at her profile and saw that she was a member of the Tete a Pied notification group. And I was not, didn't remember why not. So I popped over to Tete a Pied to see if there was some gizmo there that would let me sign up before I IM'd Roslin Petion.

And the landmark didn't work.

So I used search and Tete a Pied had moved.

I popped over to the new location and lo and behold, Roslin was there.

Apparently they're going to be changing their boutique, they need more space. Space for new skins!

We began discussing her skin's and Roslin said that based on customer feedback that there will be some differences in the new skins to make them "compatible" with more shapes. That the original TaP skins were not tested on many shapes which explains why the skin is "more picky" than other skins on what shapes it looks good on. They also hope to keep the things people like about the skins intact (the demure sweetness and just simple prettyness) while improving it's appeal to a wider audience.

Roslin was wearing a prototype of the new skin at the time and the major difference I could see was the new lips, which were the one problem point in the classic TaP skins. (some may have noticed that the RFL skins also have slightly different lips than the classic TaP skins)

I don't know if TaP is keeping the "makeup box" concept, I hope they do, that was neat.

I would also expect the new skins to come in a variety of shades, the skin Roslin was wearing ath the time appeared slightly darker than a Havana, but lighter than a Nairobi, at least to my untrained eye.

I, for one, eagerly await the new skins. (Must increase linden balance before release)

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