Thursday, August 24, 2006

The new SL client 1.12 It rocks for me.

I have mentioned the "Gray square" issues I experience. But no longer. The new client fixes that.instead of textures waiting to load until I hover the mouse over the gray square, they actually themselves. And the client actually uses my bandwidth like it's supposed to. Fricking amazing, Popping into the gurl 6 location at Euphoria stepping away from the keyboard for a minute walking into that huge warehouse and not seeing a single gray square. Or walking through ETD and having the textures for the back part of the store being there when I walk there.

The frame rate was even better, though still slow. I actually saw 8fps!

The only issues I saw were all inventory related, if you do a lot of item manipulation/moving/copying it will slow down.

But SL is much more enjoyable to play than before. Good work Linden Lab, now keep it up. :-)

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