Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lifestyles of the Famous

One interesting thing about SL is that the in-game famous, like the designers and content creators that make me pretty, are accessible. Very accessible, even to a newbie. They work on their stores, they shop themselves, etc.

And then they have boxes on their heads.

That's Garbage Prototype, hair designer with a moogle box from Luxe on his head. Almost everyone buying a moogle made the mistake of thinking it was RTW (ready to wear), but it isn't, you still have to take it out of the cute box. So people end up with moogles on their heads. I did it too a couple of days before. And I saw another desinger that I can't remember tha name of do it.

For fun Ive even intentionally wore the box as headgear because it's cute, cutest box in SL by far.

The Dazzle sim (with Luxe and soon to be Crush skin project) seems to have become fashionista central, It seems you'll see everyone who is anyone there. It will probably become even more of a hotspot once the ice cream parlor shows up so that people won't have to just stand in the street and hang out. Ahh one of the great things about SL, eat all the ice cream I want and still look like a goddess.

Anyway, I had heard that Luxe had moved across from Dazzle and popped in, thats when I got my moogle. And woah, Lo Jacobs of Luxe, Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD and Ginny Talamasca of DAZZLE Haute Couture were there, hob-nobbing and looking fabulous.

That's the three of them, Lo, Elika an Ginny in front of me, my Luxe Kill Bill outfit hadn't materialized yet.

Sol Columbia had been there too a couple of minutes before.

I still haven't met Salome Strangelove of Linden Lifestyles fashion blog yet, or Celebrity Trollop or Torrid Midnight, among many.

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