Monday, August 28, 2006

New tracksuit at OPIUM everyday

And it came along at a good time too, it filled a niche in my wardrobe that needed filling out.

I can't remember where I heard about it first, but it was either the notification group or Alaska Metropolitan's blog

Anyway I jumped into SL last night to get it, and headed to the store where Alaska Metropolitan was renovating. Prim limits are her bane right now. She, like myself, prefers builds that look "real" like RL boutiques, and the OPIUM stores are among my favorite small boutique builds in the game.

I purchased the tracksuit, which comes in the plum version and a tintable version all for only 100$L It has the OPIUM "O" on the jacket front and the pant rear. It looks like real everyday activewear, which is what I expected from OPIUM Everday.

The detail of the zipper and pant drawstrings is a nice touch.

Fashionista Transparency:
Seen in World: Yes
Review copy: No
Alaska on Friends list: Yes, and I'm a member of her group.

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