Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Greetings from Ms. CC

I am not usually much for sending Holiday Greetings in SL, but this year the passing of an SL friend (Mr. Whybrow) reminded me how much my SL friends mean to me.

As much as I love (and am known for) SL fashion and shopping, it wouldn't be enough to keep me in SL without all the People and Friends I have met over the years.

Fashionistas, Steampunks, everyone.   You've made my SL far far more enjoyable.

To you and yours, I wish the best this Holiday Season.

Ms. CC

Gratuitous pictures, it's what I do.

Taken at my home in St. John with my utterly primmy Fabulous fashionista christmas tree.  Dress is from Twelfth Night.

 Taken at my other home near what I call Beebo-land.  This dress is "The Perfect Gift" from Boudoir.  (I usually pick up a couple of their sexy holiday party dresses each year.)  Same tree in the corner of the picture, except it's larger..... large enough you can see the Star on top of it from the Duchess which is in the next sim south

 Whee!  Have a great Holiday Season everyone

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