Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chrismas Expo: Wood Works, Away in a Manger set

If you're a person of a certain age, then your family might have had a set like this one from Wood Works:

A simple console table (console tables are designed to be put against a wall), that you put decorations on this time of year.  My family had a table like this when I was young, it had our record player on it, and it was large enough for the player and decorations.  It wasn't as tall as this one and was black, but was very similar.  This set comes with all seen here, including the wreath and the doily, which is a separate object so you can use it under other things.  The star on the manger twinkles and the candle lights at a touch.  The set is Mesh, and 12LI, which isn't bad at all.  and when the Holiday is over, you can remove the manger and wreath and leave the table, candle, and rug out.  Can't beat a table like this for versatility.

Acquire at Wood Works at the Expo 1 region

As an aside, our record player when I was a child looked like the one in this blog post

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