Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Expo: True North Designs, Cozy Chat Corner set

True North Designs has this "wintery but not too Christmas-y" Cozy Chat corner set at the Christmas Expo:

To me, this would work well in Victorian/Edwardian/old-timey decorated houses, with it's gold and burgundy and rich browns.  It comes with everything pictured. Divan, table, teapot with rolls, lamp, carpet.

LI is only 10 total, 15 prims by the old system. The Teddy bear carpet is the most "Christmas-y" part of the set, but as shown it's separate. Cost is 350L$ which is a fair price for this set, considering some divans would cost that alone.  Well worth picking it up, even if you don't use it all together.  Without the carpet, it would even work well as a boudoir set.  Heck, I'd have probably picked it up for just the screen and hexagon table.  Had a table like that in RL a few years back, lost it in a flood sad to say.

True North at the Christmas Expo

True North's Christmas Kiosk

True North Designs Main Store

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