Thursday, November 06, 2014

What CC is wearing to go with the Baby Monkey Marie shoes.

Took a picture of what I'm currently wearing.  Wanted something to show off some shoooooes.

Yes, it's that Liv Glam "Trains and Winter Rains" suit again, with Amacci "Betty" hair, Caroline Apollo pearls and the "Sophmore" satchel from Mon Tissu. 

That outfit says:  "Hello, I'm CC.  I'm not a Domme, but why does everyone keep asking that?  Now leave me alone while I work on my blog or I'll rip your testicles off..and then step on them with these heels."

These heels being these beauties:

Baby Monkey Marie D'Orsay with Ankle strap for Slink High Feet.   Va va voomy Sexpot shoes for the Workplace.  And Baby Monkey knows shoes well enough to actually use the term D'Orsay, which makes me squee in a bit of a shoegasm.

They are only L$99 for the all color pack.  You heard me, L$99.  There is no excuse NOT to get them.  Especially if you lean to the classic or vintage in your Va Va Voomy-ness.  Which I most certainly do.  Every burly-girl in SL probably already has them, if they don't they should.


Liv Glam Trains and Winter Rains suit demo on Marketplace

Baby Monkey shoes

Amacci Hair

Belleza skin

Caroline Apollo jewelry

Mon Tissu

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