Monday, October 20, 2014

Casa del Shai, Chantel

It had been a long meeting, the fundraising was going well, but the caterer for the end-of-fundraiser soiree had canceled on short notice. She had took it on herself to go to the caterer's office and persuade them to pay for a new one themselves.   Now she was home and looking forward to tonight as she headed for the stairs.

Of course, showing up in one of her "elegant socialite" black suits with a sleek and tight updo had helped with the "intensive negotiations", especially when she used that aristocratic tone she had practiced so well and used so effectively  The caterer just needed to do what she told them to do.   They, like many others, just needed to Obey.

Upstairs, she changed for the evenings fun with pride and care.  Shortly after finishing her sartorial preparations, She saw her lady at the boudoir door, pointed to the chair standing beside her, gestured with her crop and said a single word in a tone that was definitely not just a request, "Sit".

There WILL be Pleasure at Her Command tonight.

A blurb in a Fall 2012 boot guide on Harper's Bazaar says:

Thigh High needle heels conjure up a superheroine-esque power, the taller the better.

Damn right, for a thigh high boot anyway.   These are the Casa del Shai Chantel's, part of the Chantel collection featuring corset/bodysuit and masks. Pretty Domme-y gear for the Fashionista set.  The sets come in blacks/silvers/laces/greys, the fatpacks have huds to change them.  I'm showing the Black and white textures.   Harper Beresford showed them off in black.  As Harper the blogger and Harper's the magazine says, it's all about Power.

The corset fits well, the boots...I had to play with my leg muscle and drop it by "1" to get the S to fit.  I noticed a bit of skin peeking through at the top of the boot when I moved  It's not a major negative in my book, it can't really be helped and I probably should be wearing the M size anyway.   I like the texturing on the corsets, I'm not quite sure, but they may be materials enabled.  The seaming looks materials-ish in my eyes.

The tight sophisticated hair bun is from Amacci, and the Shakespeare Cameo Choker and earrings are from Caroline Apollo.

When I first saw them I wasn't sure if I wanted them or not, because I thought wouldn't get much use out of them.   I mean, I'm not a Domme, even if I sometimes joke about how I need to be "Obeyed in all things Fashion".  Then I saw this Ralph Lauren print ad in Vanity Fair''s September Style issue. This is the reason I went all "slick and tight updo" with the hair

There I saw that freaking Ralph Lauren had done fetishy thigh high boots for the Equestrian Socialite set. That model there looks so damn sophisticated and aristocratic, and like she knows how to use a riding crop in both the bedroom and while on her horse.

I showed those Ralph Lauren boots to Shai, and said how the ad reminded me of her boots which I hadn't decided on yet, and she dropped the boots on me.  That's Shai Delacroix for you.  Then I just had to get the corsets and masks on my own.  I had been leaning on getting a black set anyway.

Edit: wanted to add the picture Barely took of me in the black version:

I also mentioned to Shai, that we need a mesh version of her old cow dress, so we can cow-dance in mesh.


Casa del Shai

Amacci hair

Belleza Skins

Caroline Apollo Jewelry

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