Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm a Feminist, and I play games.

When the various "controversies" started in regards to gaming, women and feminism started, I basically just read the various articles and kept my mouth shut, except on Slashdot, where I got the usual SJW/faggot/pussy epithets applied to me.   I eventually set up one of my little TV-tray style tables  (which I use while gaming for books/notes/printouts) and put a few things on there that show how I feel about these issues.

Look, there's Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, and a Creeper from Minecraft, and the Dual-Shock 4 for my PS4.  And there's a copy of "The Beauty Myth" and Fire Against Fire" by Naomi Wolf, and Julia Serano's "Whipping Girl"  All sitting on my Hello Kitty throw blankie.

So let's just say I am not overly fond of the GamerGate types. In otherwords, I'm a feminist, I game, and I have utter disdain for them.  What I think about them has been said better by others, Salome (SalStrange) in the GamerGate thread on SLUJesse Singal on Reddit and The Boston Globe

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