Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dawn on the Lake in St John

Miz Gabi and I were having a chat yesterday morning on the Lake in St John.  She was the one that actually took pictures.

Yes we were doing the "twinsies thing"....again.  Old L'abel prim and system outfit, TRUTH hair, and a Schadenfreude mesh hat.  I'm the one on the left, I can tell by the shoes.  I was wearing Ingenue Lily flats, I think she was in flats.

There are more pictures in this album.  Yes, that's really what it looks like.   There's land available in St John right now.   Check Gabrielle Riel's Picks (and Classifieds) for more details on Land in St John.

I don't live near the water myself, I'm on higher ground....not that it helped during the hurricane.

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