Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mutresse Nina coat and Vafla booties, with Lutefisk

It was a warm day after a short and bitter cold snap, and Lutefisk decided to go window shopping.  Even though it was fall, Lutefisk was in one of her "pink moods".  She looked good in pink.  She decided to wear a pink and white coat over a white top and pink miniskirt with very cute pink booties.  She felt very pink, and very cute. It was a brisk day, but to a girl like her used to yard high snowdrifts and 20 below 0 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures back in Minnesnowta, it might as well be tropical.

But that didn't mean she wouldn't partake of hot chocolate.  She'd never turn down that, oh gosh no.

Sitting on a bench and people watching as the leaves fell was always fun, ja.

As soon as I saw the Mutresse Nina, available at Fameshed, mentioned somewhere, my first thought was.  "Oh, I like that, the underskirt is short, but that is a very cute urban-fashionista look.  The booties are cute too, I'd better check it out."  And then I saw it on a hostess at the Blarney Stone in Dublin.  And so I did check it out, and so I bought, as it was foretold in Scrolls of Fashionista Wisdom.

Yes, the skirt is short, but really, it's really freaking adorable when worn as an outfit AND the jacket is flared enough that you CAN wear it with pants/jeans when you disable the skirt option.  Yes, you can wear it without the skirt and top parts, it's right in the HUD, which as is usual for Mutresse has multiple color options.   My one complaint is about the color choices....I wish there were even more besides the plethora of options in the HUD. (I want a darker brown/blue/purple/green.  Maybe a winter white/cream, and a lavender)   You can change the color of the buttons, top trip, coat, shirt and skirt all separately.  There are schoolgirl plaid options for the skirt as well.

This "Harlow" hair is from Chemistry, a new brand for me. Saw this on a friend, Rod Urquan-Mayako (a Demon-girl of my acquaintance) in blonde and liked it.  Don't worry, I have it my color.  I had to tint the brown to get it close though, none of the reds are dark enough.   Yes, this is Pink Fuel Harley skin, with the pink gloss and shimmer eyeshadow options and extra blush, and Redgrave lashes.

And here are the Vafla ankle booties, you can change the colors of various parts of them in the HUD. I wouldn't mind having a bootie like this in RL, in fact, this bootie has just earned Mutresse entry into the CC list. One caveat, sole color is for the "entire" sole, including the heel tip.  So you can't have a black "side" of sole, with a red bottom of sole, and black heel tip.  Also it doesn't come in enough colors. I know, I know, I always say they need more colors. (Needs more browns, maybe a camel and cream too.)  Otherwise, this is a capsule wardrobe bootie that will serve you well.

Just to show everyone a more "normal" for me look, here it is in black and red, I added some Izzie's heart tights to "fall it up" a bit.  I think I look a bit Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl-ish this way.

And here's the Chemistry "Harlow" in a more "normal" for me color.  Still a Pink Fuel Harley skin though.  Sax Shepherd Poetry set in Red and Black lacquer.




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Sax Shepherd Designs

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