Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OPIUM goodness....again!

I've been meaning to do this post for a couple of weeks. I put it off and then diecided to add more to it.

Firstly, there's a new cami/tank, which is tintable, AND covers my belly button.AND shows off just enough cleavage but not too much, AND the the green/blue version looks good with my favorite hair colors AND it's cheap.AND it's assymetrical. I couldn't lose

And I'm wearing the new Skin 2.0 in Smoke.I think it gives me a sort of "midnight city" look.

As I discovered, glossy lips in Skin 2.0 looks much better on me than matte, on Alaska herself it's the other way around. People seem to love this eyemakeup so much that Alaska is releasing more lipcolors with these eyes. Yay!

We were talking, Alaska and I, and she made a joke about some of those silly contests clubs have, like "best naked with wings." And I was wondering if I had picked up any wings in any of those newbie boxes. Sure enough I had. I put them on and she said, "It's Aimee Weber's evil twin"

Now I've never met her, but she was one of the first people Alaska spoke with upon joining SL. I googled Aimee and found out she had black hair and glasses so...I found some Panache hair in black and my glasses..

Alaska said, "Now you look even more like Aimee"

Alaska also came out with this new eyelet top, it comes in black and tintable and has a sheer prim overlay. It's very cute and shows just enough cleavage but not too much, and the bottom part has just enough sheerness but not too much.

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Alaska Metropolitan said...

That skin looks great on you! I'm so sad it wouldn't rez for me so I could see it in person.