Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Skin 2.0 from OPIUM Review

Yes, I've decided to go ahead and do a quick review.of Skin 2.0 from OPIUM

Firstly, Skin 2.0 is hand drawn, of which I am partial to. It has really nice shading especially on the torso. Nice butt shading too.

Gotta have a cleavage shot for those with particular interest in skin cleavage. :-)

I didn't do a kitty examination. That's Sabrina's job:-)

But the important thing is the face. Skin 2.0 emphasises the cheekbones a bit more than other shapes. The lips are full and remind me of Jessica Alba's lips. The eyebrows are very nicely done, excellent brow work. The overall look, on me is that of a late teens/college aged young woman. It was rather surprising to me that one day I saw a young woman that reminded me of these skins. Normally you wouldn't associate hand-drawn with realism, but with this line you do.

The makeups are varied and numerous as are the shades. Of particular note is the eyeliner which is really good. Nice eye shadow too. Again, the look is "young".and "real"

One drawback to me reviewing these skins is the way my shape's funky lips interact with the skins, the lips look better on others than they do me, which sucks because I love the way these skins look on others. Which is why everyone has got to see thsse skins on yourselves though, the lip shape looks awesome on others, just not on me. :-( I wish they did, because I love everything else, the shading, the eyes, the belly button, the butt crack in low-rise jeans. Really, this is one skin that looks awesome in low-rise jeans.

Skin 2.0 is quality work and it's moderately priced. There's not much more to say since choosing skin is such a personal thing. Skin 2.0 is "on my list of skin places to make certain newbies check out"

Seen in World: Yes, on others and myself (via the demos)
Review copy: No
Friends list: Yes, Alaska Metropolitan is on it and of all the people on it I chat with her more often than anyone else. I'm in OPIUM related groups.

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Alaska Metropolitan said...

Thank you so much for reviewing the skin series, Crono! I'm glad people are liking them, they really were a labour of love for me.