Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Farewell, Dazzle

Dazzle is having a going out of business sale. :-(

But, Ginny is not leaving SL, she's just recharging her creative juices to start a new line and new build and new stuff. :-)

Back to the sale.... it's like a madhouse, like I've heard the $99 David's Bridal sale is, or a big sale at Filene's Basement. Why the madness? everything is 100$L

That's right, one hundred lindens, but if you're reading this blog you know that already and have probably bough the entire inventory.:-)

Normally I didn't shop much at Dazzle, though I did love to stop by and look around at all the pretty. I had no need for lots of formal gowns or cocktail dreses because there aren't many places I'd wear them to. It kind of felt sort of silly. (I have the same feelings in RL regarding purchasing makeup and pretty things because I don't wear them that often, though I want to)

But at 100$L it felt "okay" to buy them, and maybe I'll just wear them around the grid. :-)

Although before the sale, I didn't own much Dazzle-wear, one of my favorite dresses is from there. The Marissa wrap dress, simple,and pretty.

When I took these screenshots I was wearing these stockings from the Liquid Velvet Studios Executive Skirt Set with the dress. To quote the mighty Sabrina Doolittle: They should be taken home and eaten for dessert.

One of the things I picked up during the sale was the Nana set which I first saw in another post on Linden Lifestyles Just some great low cut tops with some great trousers and a great chain belt.:-)

There is one thing I expected to see at the sale but didn't and that is the Audrey dress. I might have missed it, but I don't think it's out there in the sale.

Neither is "Sans", of course, but one can dream. :-)

The Dazzle sale lasts to the end of the month so there's still time to get in there. It's crowded, yes but keep trying and you'll get im.

I wish Ginny much sucess on her future venture.

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