Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tete a Pied: Heiress Bag and shapes

I had known that Roslin and CJ were going to enter the accessories business and was eagerly awaiting their bag. And wow, what a bag it is! The Heiress is a simple and classy pebbled leather bag with a color change script and hold animation. How much for this marvel? 200L

This thing begs to be admired and worshiped up close. Just look at the stitching, and the Tete a Pied logo on the hardware.

While in the store telling Roslin how much I liked the bag, I saw a new display poster for shapes.

"Shapes? Those are new"

"Not really."

they come in four basic styles: Enigma, Sophisticate, Seductive and Ingenue. Being aa big fan of the Sophisticate pack of Tete Deux I bought the sophisticate (for 300L) In the pack there are two shapes, one regular, one for dresses (with smaller hips/butt). Plus a special hair base with a brow shape that fits the theme of the package.

Here's the two shapes, regular on the left, the one for dresses on the right. I'm wearing the cowl necked dress from Little Rebel, Jewelry from OPIUM Everyday, Maaliyah hair from ETD, Lady Slinghacks from Shiny Things, Heiress bag from Tete a Pied, and the Tete Deux Sophisticate 1 skin.

Here's a bald comparison of the facial shapes. My usual OPIUM shape, TaP skin and ETD hair base on the left, TaP shape, skin and hair base on the right, The TaP Sophisticate shape makes me look a bit older, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I do lose those full and luscious "Scarlet Johannsen" lips and big eyes. Notice the changes in brow shape. I'm NEVER taking off the TaP hair base, never never never, you can't make me.

Here's a comparison with my hair.TaP shape, TaP skin and TaP hair base on the left, OPIUM shape, TaP skin and TaP hair base on the right. See, I told you, I'm never taking that hair base off.

Also available at Tete a Pied are shapes by Haver Cole which say they are "compatible"
with TaP skins, which in plain language means they probably look good together.

Seen in world: Yes
Review copies: I was given an Heiress bag. Shapes, no.
Friend list: Yes


Choice said...

You've been busy this week. That'sa really cool post showing the differences in a shape. Both shapes are good, but have subtle effects on your look. Was fun to see the side-by-sides.

CronoCloud said...

Yes, that side by side comparison turned out well. And thanks to Alaska Metropolitan's howto, I could do it.

Actually I'm slacking off blogwise, I have at least 4 blog posts worth of images ready. Let's see, hairstyles, newbie skin "review", Neko ears, Bee maker, and 1-800-Bettie outfit,