Friday, September 29, 2006

Luminosity: Sahara West

Sol Columbia of Luminosity has released a new "classic safari" style ensemble called Sahara West. Here's the ad.

as you can see there is a lot of flexibility in how it can be worn and a lot of mix n' match possiblities. Especially that jacket, that beautiful jacket, that oh so lovely jacket. The skirt is short and prim, which is not my favorite style, but in khaki it "works". In part because "safari style" khaki skirts tend to be short. The khaki shorts would work well too. The trousers have that sheen some khaki pants do, and are well received in my wardrobe. The vest and tintable gauze shirt are on two layers for more options in wearing them. And there's socks! Here is a collage of some looks:

Far left I'm wearing the jacket with the brown bohemian skirt in Nyte N' Day's new Sephule collection. Very "I'm your still life painting instructor, Ms. Creeggan. Make your oranges, happy oranges."

The second I'm wearing the prim khaki skirt.Very "I am the "It Girl" of Misteria Lane. I've still got it going on. Hey Pool boy!"

The third is paired with a pair of gray trousers from Tart. "I'll drop these contracts and documentation off at Fed Ex over lunch."

The fourth is paired with the tintable gauze shirt and the khaki trousers. "Jennifer! Jason! Get into the minivan right now! The other moms on Misteria Lane ask me how I keep my figure, and I tell them that I get it from wrangling you two all day long. Scoot!"

I could also imagine wearing various pieces of Sahara West on a virtual safari.

In all images I'm wearing a Celebrity Moonbeam skin from Adam N Eve, shape from OPIUM, Maaliyah hair in Mahogany from ETD, Danielle bag in brown from eTC, and Lollies from Shiny Things. The background behind my avatar collage is an actual image of the Sahara Desert from Wikipedia.

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Oh boy toooooo funny that post. :-)