Saturday, September 23, 2006

Daywear and careerwear from LIttle Rebel

Little Rebel was recommended to me, byt I can't remember who did it.

Anyway Little Rebel has lots of pretty cocktail dresses, daywear, careerwear, separates and much much more. I picked up a nice suit and some career appropriate day dresses there recently

The suit has leather trim which gives it a bit of panache.

The cowl neck dress comes in other "heathery" colors, but I like this dark grey/black one.I needs ome classic dressy boots for this one and I can't find any. I'm probably going to have to go custom. I want slender high heel, no straps, no metal, no decoration, just simple and classy, like these Nine West "Botany" boots at Zappos.

Simple but pretty shirtdress

I was wearing a TaP2 Sophisticate skin and Lady pumps from Shiny Things. I can't remember the hair but it's either ETD Graceful or ETD Refined

Seen in World: Yes
Review copies: No
Friends list: No


Choice said...

Those boots are sweet. Someone shout totally make them.

CronoCloud said...

Are my comments working?