Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An angel I am.

As part of a limited series, Alaska Metropolitan of OPIUM Addictive has released three costumes for Hallween.But they remind me more of special ocassion lingerie more than costumes, they're too pretty, wear them without the attachments and you have pretty/sexy lingerie for "private moments"

I bought the Angel costume because I'm a goody two shoes, and the wings reminded me of the wings used in some Victoria's Secret lingerie layouts in the catalog. I'm wearing Skin 2.0 from OPIUM in Smoke, Lynnix prim lashes in thick and long, ETD Bedded Attitude hair in Mahogany and Boardwalk color change heels.

For some reason when I saw this image I kept thinking, "Fierce!" I think I've watched a bit too much America's Next Top Model. :-)

The Halo on the Angel cotume has bling, which I managed to capture.

And two classic pinup style images.Very lingerie model-y

Since I don't own land, I sometimes go to a sandbox to do a "photo shoot" with the Picture Perfect Modeling studio. While taking the shots I had an audeince and an interested person asked me what I was doing. I explained the blogging fashionista bit. When I finished it seemed a bit funny to be sitting in a sandbox in very sheer/skimpy/sexy lingerie so I changed outfits Into the black v'neck top and jeans from OPIUM. After I had changed my observer commented that he liked the "new" look too.

Seen in World: Yes
Review Copy: No
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