Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mix n Match

Sol Columbia of Luminosity recently released a rather nice shirt and sweater combo as aprt of a cpmplete outfit, Wayfarer I didn't buy it right away because I didn't like the skirt, it's too short. I don't mind short, but not that short, I'm picky about my skirt lengths. (in RL too)

Choice Sliter of Second Style made this post about mixing, matching and making your own personal statement. So I went ahead and bought it to try out some mixing and matching, that I don't do very much of in SL. I bought the pants too, because I though I have some nice trousers in black and pinstripes, I didn't have any gray, I think. Apart from the ones with the Pixel Dolls Linen Suit. :-)

This one is my favorite image of the ones I took The oxford shirt from Wayfarer, the sweater and my favorite SL jeans, from OPIUM Everyday. The shoes I just got today as part of a thank you package from Starley Thereian for applying to beta her next skin release. I didn't make the cut, but I got a VERY nice thank you folder, it had those shoes and eyes, lots of eyes. (I need to get me the clear Perfect Peeper contacts so I can use eyes, I love the Perfect Peeper capabilities)

Anyway it looks very nice in a RL sort of way.

This one uses the Wayfarer shirt and sweater with a black leather freebie skirt. Not too bad, but I wish the skirt was longer. I think I'd like this slightly better if I had some of the Shiny Things "Lollies". It's a conspiracy to take my money. :-)

In this one I'm wearing a jacket from Luxe, it comes in that green shown and a pretty wine. I paired with with the "Wayfarer shirt, skirt and stockings. Not bad, but I'd rather not be able to see my stocking tops.

In the next image I'm wearing the Luxe jacket, Wayfarer shirt and a tintable skirt from OPIUM Everyday. Not bad, not bad. The lace hem is a little bit not right but not bad.

I like this one a lot too, even though it shows tummy. It's the Luxe jacket, the skirt and a pair of gray trousers from T..a..R..t. The shoes are the unfussy urban ones from eTC.

In the final image, I"m wearing the Wayfarer shirt and sweater with a skirt from the Eventide set from SilentSparrow. I think the stripe on the skirt clashes with the sweater too much, but again, not bad. I ought to try the Eventide jacket with the gray trousers and jeans.

In all photos the hair is Maaliyah in Mahogany from ETD, the skin is a Hybrid II in Spectral, makeup #17 from Nevermore, the glasses are the Chiq scripted glasses from Frameworks, the earrings are the Silver Diva Earrings from OPIUM Everydaym, the bag is the new release by Ingrid INgersoll of eTC, Danielle, the eyes are Perfect Peepers #66 by NYTERAVE

In some of the pictures the poses from the purse that comes with City Girls Spring Flowers dresses are on. I transfered them in a Wet IKON AO device.I also use a Be Happy attachement.

Seen in World: Yes
Review copies: No
Friends list: Alaska Metropolitan of OPIUM is.

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Choice said...

That was fun. You have no idea how cool it is to me that (a) someone reads what I write and (b) responds to it in someway. Thank you.

I think my favorite look is the second to the last one. Those pants with that green jacket look fierce on you. And with the white oxford peeking out...sweet.

Keep it up, hun.