Thursday, August 22, 2013

SSD Vixen mules with Slink mesh feet...and a CIA Designs summer dress.

It is still summer in my neck of the woods... summer events, summer cocktail parties, summer weddings.  They all need pretty dresses and pretty shoes.  I picked up this CIA Designs summer dress at the Love Donna Flora event, tis a perfect strapless floral "guest of the wedding" dress even if it's a bit slim hipped.  (LaDonna said that stood out to her a bit when she saw it on me.)  I had some fit/alpha  issues until I paired the Medium dress with the XXS/XS alpha which worked best for me.

But this post isn't about the dress... but shoes.   Shoes that made me buy SLINK feet so I could wear them with that dress:  The SSD Vixen Stiletto Sandals

Now personally, I would call that shoe a slide/mule rather than a sandal, but that doesn't matter because THAT is one of the quintessential summer shoes.  You can probably find similar shoes by practically any high end designer in RL because it's a classic shoe.   It's simply pretty, has a high, but not too high heel..just what you need.

The shoe in SL is designed to be worn with SLink "Medium heel" mesh feet.... at first I was a bit disappointed but I checked out the Slink feet and picked them up.  The feet themselves are reasonably priced, relatively easy to use and you can find skin appliers to match many skin brands.

The shoes are mesh, come in plenty of colors and cost L$399 each.  Now I've been spoiled by G Field on shoe prices so I wince at prices over L$350 still.  But... when you buy a single pair, you actually get 2, see that diamond on the vamp also get a version without that.  The shoes are also mod.  You just have to love the detail on these things... you can see the stitching that would be there in RL!  And the footbed looks like it should.

But the best thing is... fatpack is L$999.  No, really... the fatpack is L$999. This is when I laugh maniacally in total shoe avarice after a shoegasm This is the sort of shoe that having the fatpack in will serve you VERY well for your strappy summery shoe needs.  As I say:  "How many colors do you need?  All of them."  So don't waste your time on the singles and just get the fatpack.

And for those who want something a bit more casual or had a girlcrush on Catherine Bach of the Dukes of Hazzard back in the late 70's/early 80's, there are the new "Denim Duke" mules.  Again, fatpack em.


SSD Vixen Stiletto Sandals at Sax Shepherd Designs Mainstore

and at his Marketplace store

Slink Medium Mesh feet at: Slink

CIA Designs Summer Floral dress at: CIA Designs

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