Thursday, August 01, 2013

CC and Flat Rodvik visit his mansion

Yes it's another Strawberry Singh Meme.

So I had my Flat Rodvik, so where was I going to go on my friendly date with him.... to his own mansion!  I mean after all, can't resist a guy with his own mansion.  I wonder if I could get Rodvik to switch genders for me.

I made my Rodvik smaller and attached him to me since Governor Linden's mansion is no-build.  IIRC it used to allow build but had enough auto-return time to rez some props and take pics.

The chair near the pool has no poses in it, sigh.  That one sign behind me thanks the early content makers.  A big thank you to them from me too! 

After visiting his mansion we went to one of the most popular regions in SL that I had never been to, I figured he had never been there either.  It's name had "Bliss" in it.  (The hard part was finding a spot and angle so that nothing naughty was showing!)


1 comment:

Strawberry Singh said...

I think you're the only person so far that made him smaller and wore him like a shoulder pet, suits him well, lol!