Thursday, September 19, 2013

Playstation Home, what Blue Mars wanted to be.

Sometimes I think that Playstation Home is what Blue Mars wanted to be, with it's "spaces" that you had to download and gamification.

And here's a minigolf game in Home

Sony promotes Home content with a blog and videos, Linden Lab sure couldn't get away with promoting specific creators these days without having someone complain about creating a new "FIC":

Yeah, there is a LOT of stuff in Home.  You know how SL has tons of unlicensed content?  Star Wars, Tardises, Hogwarts stuff, you know the drill....but with Home it's all licensed.

Want your own Potter Owl? it's in there and linked to the J.K. Rowling's Pottermore website.  I'm a Ravenclaw!

Want your own K9?  Yep, you can even have your own Tardis style virtual apartment.

Tons of free games to play?  Yep.  Take your own screenshots? Yep.  Take machinima video? yep.  Watch video as a group on a screen? Yep!  Though you can't stream your own audio into Home...yet, though there are radio's you can buy that use something called RadioIO.

They just added an Inspect feature that shows you where another avatar got their stuff and lets you buy it from the Inspect Screen!  How I often wish SL had something like that. 

In fact I think Home and SL complement each other well, each one does certain things well that the other does not.

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