Monday, May 13, 2013

Truth, Monso, and why my last few blog posts have BAD pictures.

You know I read Gogo's blog, Juicybomb.  Everyone does.  So I saw the Monso jeans she showed off and went to check them out at FaMeshed... at the same time I saw the new Truth corset sets and picked a few of those up... I then thought that they would look good together and took pictures...on May 3rd.  So I check Juicybomb today and see this post showing off the Truth Corsets with Monso jeans.  Decided to go ahead and post mine too...and to make a bit of a point at the end of this post.

Lutefisk is wearing the Antique color corset with the dark blue jeans against a pale background:

Let's get this straight, these corsets are not perfect, the flared peplum on the corset sits closer to the body than it probably should so if you have a bit of a butt, whatever you're wearing on that butt might show through, depending on item and shape.  If I sized up the corset there was a notable gap between the corset and my virtual boobehs... I had to size down the jeans so it wouldn't show..but then my skin in front pokes through the jeans, but the peplum covered it.  Simply put, I really couldn't "effectively" wear these together with my shape though they're fine separately.  So watch the peplum!

The jeans are fantastic, love em. have been mixing and matching with them.  bought 3 pairs, will probably get the others.

Yep it's Truth Kasia hair in Swedish on Lutefisk.  Belleza Shyla skin, IKON Lucid eyes in Floe....standard Lutefisk.

Regular but still gaussed and glowed me is wearing the black corset and jeans...against a dark background:

Regular me, same hair in my proper "Blood", IKON Lucid Eyes in Moor, Belleza Betty Pale skin.

And finally, my recent blog picutures involving Lutefisk have been BAD pictures from a shoppers you know why?  Excessive use of glow and blur and lack of contrast!  These pictures have been intentionally done glamour blog style to make a point.... you can't see detail to judge items on their merits if everyone is going around glowing and gaussing up the wazoo and taking pictures against backgrounds in the same color family as the outfits, as I've discused before.

So yes, while I think the glamour blogs have pretty pictures... they're doing a disservice to shoppers with the excessive photoshop.


TRUTH Hair  
IKON eyes  
G Field

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