Thursday, September 26, 2013

Still Roslin's #1 fan. Yes..the Luxuria Relaunch makes me happy.

Oldbies in SL know who Roslin Petion is, one half of the duo behind Tete a Pied/Fleur/5th and Oxford brands.  They did skin, mostly, and then ventured out into clothing.  And if you check my oldest blog posts, I've been a fan since pretty much the week I joined.   As I say, "I'm Roslin's #1 Fan, in a totally fangirlish non-stalker way of course."

But eventually the partners parted ways, and there was no more Roslin and CJ skin, and I was deprived and had to change skin brands which took me for-e-ver.

But that didn't mean Roslin stopped making things, because she did and I was told that eventually her lingerie brand would be making a comeback on it's own, with tattoo makeup.  So we now have the Roslin-made Cherie lingerie set with mesh underbust corsets.  (Alongside other lingerie, check out Gogo's blog, she blogged the florals!

 The stockings are available in 4 styles, well it's basically two styles with two denier types (and shinyness levels as well) Denier is the rating of the sheerness of a stocking...I think of stockings in deniers.  Anyway, choice of sheerness, welts and seams, yadda yadda.

Though readers haven't seen it, I've worn Luxuria undies under the summer dresses I've been wearing in the blog posts.

There is also Luxuria brand makeup. Roslin-made lippies, glosses and matte, as is proper.  She was a makeup artist in RL, you know.  This is Red Gloss 4 over Pink Fuel Harley Vanilla  The Blessed Roslin was wearing her makeup over PF Harley Peach in the Cherie lingerie displays...and yes with the same hair too, Truth Candy.   That's by intent.

I once got mistaken for Roslin back in the early days because we resembled each other enough.  Even got asked if I was one of the models in her 5th and Oxford skin displays....nope it was just Roslin looking like me in a pretty Ingenue dress...that I owned.  One time I saw a photo on a blog, and thought "I don't remember going to that event."...but it was Roslin in a slinky cleavage-y gown that I also owned and with her signature ETD Roslin hair which I also wore often.  Yes, yes, I'm her #1 Fan, but not a stalker!  Don't Ban me, Ros!


Luxuria is still in Nouveau

Pink Fuel Harley skin

Truth Hair: Candy

Sax Shepherd Jewellery Bijou Roulette

IKON eyes: Lucid Moor

G Field Alex shoes

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