Friday, September 20, 2013

"Flirt"ing Pink Fueled Venus

Yes, I do actually shop now and then in SL.  Sometimes I might even actually blog.  This is more summer style, it's still fairly warm here in the midwest still.  Still warm enough for cute little dresses and slides.

Have a gander.  This is the Miel Peasant Dress, Mesh in muted pastels and neutrals with a color change HUD.  I think it's cute, and youthful, and the lace him is flirty.

Some of you are thinking:  "Lutefisk again?  No blur this time...wait..that's not a Belleza skin and that's one of the Truth Light Blondes the swedish-y one in the new Venus hair with the new vending system... and is that skin a..... Pink Fuel Harley?  zOMG CC!"

Yes, yes it is,  but in Vanilla, not Peach.  (This shade is a touch darker than I want but the next lighter shade is too light)  She made me buy them!   She, being Gogo of Juicybomb.  Well she didn't make me, she doesn't know me from Torley.  But she knows where to get cute stuff and she was showing off this youthful pretty hair, which is currently at Fameshed and is L$1000 for the all color pack.  I've also been wondering what Pink Fuel Harley would look like on me and I had tried the Demo and it was fine, so I gave into the desire and picked up a pack.  Nice price, L$1500.

Yes, it makes me look younger than I normally do, maybe 19-20.  The skin meets my standards and is "Acceptable and CC approved.", though I probably won't wear it often.  The fatpack I got came with plenty of shadow, lid, lippie and gloss options.

 Just so you know I haven't been totally brainwashed by cute baby cheeked blondes with REALLY cute stuff in their blog pictures,  here's me in a "normal for me" color.    However, I can't name the color because they aren't named OR all.  Which is a serious flaw in the new system.  I'm a big of fan of "if it's not broke, don't mess with it.", so I actually preferred the actual color names, though it is/was easier to tell which were lighter and darker with the number system.  But this new system does neither, sigh. The hairbases still use the old number system.  I hope Truth fixes it.

That Pink Fuel skin comes with a very nice shiny red gloss, reminds me of the old L'Oreal candy apple red silicone one.   I also picked up Gogo's Juicy Liz shape,  but I didn't like the nose in profile at all, though I did like the body shape.  Didn't see a demo version, I must have overlooked it.

The real reason I'm doing this post is because I'm a child of the 70's/80's.  So that means there's this little part of me that has a weakness for BIG hair, and Candies slides.

Yeah, Sax Shepherd feeds my Squee-powered shoegasm again, though I wish I'd have had these in May.  So it's a Candies style two strap slide for the Slink Medium feet with the traditional Candies style wooden heel/sole with a plethora of HUD options in strap color, sole color insole color, and even Rivet color...really, there are 3 options just for the rivets.

While you can buy some of the colors/options in singles... just get the Whole Damn Pack, really.  Yes the WDP is L$2750, but since the singles are L$399, you save money by just getting the WDP.  You know you want to, and you NEED a plethora of options for your Candies.  Besides, you don't all the options available in the WDP are available in the singles.  I can't imagine how many different singles versions there would be if that was the case... a LOT.   I think these are inspired by the early 80's versions, though my memory is not as good as it was.

Pink with light colored wood!

All black!  But you can mix and match ANY option, so if you wanted pink with black sole and red could do it.

Brown with dark wood

Red gingham, red wood!  There are more gingham options

Leopard print and there are even more prints.  I'm having a squee moment just looking at these right now.

And trust me I'm going to wear the red option with black leather jeans and cleavage-y top, just like Sandy on Grease. "Tell me about it, baby!"

Now if Sax does some fall shoes or boots...I can Squee even more.



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Pink Fuel

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