Monday, December 16, 2013

Carroll Cabinet from Sweet Romance Furniture.

I don't usually showcase furniture, in part because I'm all about pixel vanity, but that doesn't mean I don't like furniture.  I just don't write about it often.

For my sake, I like simplicity, low prim counts and all round "looks nice-ness".  It's also a plus if I'd like it in RL or have something similar in RL

My Friend LaDonna Upshaw, of Sweet Romance Furniture made this just last night. I guess, you'd call it a "media cabinet".  A lot of folks have things like this in the living room in RL to store books, photo albums, Blu-Rays, and controllers for the video game machines and whatnot because it's just so darn useful

Yes, all the drawers and doors open, which makes me just squee.

The assorted books are a nice touch.  The Land Impact is only 9 and the cost is L$350.  So far it only comes in this black.

LaDonna said she could get the land impact lower...but then the LOD would be shorter.  It still looks good at long range, that is always a good thing.

As of right now it's not in her store (but will be), but it WILL be on Marketplace shortly.  Until it is, If you want one you can contact LaDonna Upshaw directly.


Sweet Romance Furniture

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