Thursday, September 03, 2015

Wicked Witch of the Woods, Once Upon a Time inspired SL cosplay

The Witch of the Woods had faced her haughty rival of the raven hair and the porcelain skin and had been defeated through treachery.

 She was now cursed and exiled.

As the curse took effect she thought one thing:  If Wicked was was they thought she was, then Wicked she would be.

Hundreds of years later, curse or no, she was ready to end her exile.  After outfitting herself in modern accoutrements, she would now achieve her vengeance.

"Wait till they get a load of ME!", she thought with a laugh in her mind.

Another gratuitous cleavage shot.

Why yes, I WAS inspired by Zelena of the television show, Once Upon a Time, so the cleavage isn't really all that gratuitous.   My Friend Gabi immediately recognized I was doing a version of Zelena when I showed her the pictures.

I cam across this inspiration by lucky chance.  I just happened to run across a Zelena video in a search I did some weeks back, I haven't actually watched the show yet, haven't had the time, and well...bandwidth cap.

After seeing that, I was like, "OH MY GOD! Just look at HER!" And then I started Googling her. Her famous fairytail black gown with the cleavage reminded me of the Black Arts Flora which I'd demo'd but not bought because of alpha issues with my non-mesh body.

Zelena image from Rumbelle! Forever.

Back to the SL fashion, I'm wearing the League Erin skin, when I'm non-green.  It's my standard skin now, even though It's not quite the perfect skin for me.

The green skin is the Lumae Orsimer Adore skin with a Luxuria Red Gloss layered over it.  "Orsimer" being a reference to the Orcs of the Elder Scrolls game series.  The skin DOES come with Maitreya body appliers AND Lelutka head appliers (as well as appliers for other bodies and heads)  It also comes with a set of ears as well!  I'm also planning on using this skin when I go Jagermonster from Girl Genius.

The old time-y neo-victorian look comprises the Black arts flora jacket and skirt, which as I said, couldn't actually wear before I started using the Maitreya body.  The default alpha when used with my non-mesh body has issues and needs some more work.  But with the Lara on the other hand it works very well.  This outfit is template based, there ARE other versions of it on the grid.  I picked two other colors of it, the red and pinstripe version.

I'm carrying the  Inanna staff from Tekeli-li, which I've had for a while and has a ton of color change options that you change via chat commands, not menus.

The Empyrean Forge Heritage statement jewelry set I picked up specifically for these looks, but it's the sort of glamorous statement set I'll get good use out of.  It is also color change for the gems.

I'm also wearing Ingenue Laura pumps, which you can't see.  The Victorian hat in all black I got with the Chantilly Victorian Gown by Boudoir, just a simply lovely and sexy victorian hat, not even taking into account how great the gown is.

The modern dress is the Kastle Rock Hilary dress, with Izzies Sheer tights basics, the versatile Hucci Glynco pumps, the same jewelry set and Amacci Amelie hair for both modern and old-timey looks.

More Zelena!  (From Reddit) These two looks are what inspired my modern "wicked witch" look.


 The show apparently runs on The Rule of Cool, Ridiculously Cool Clothes, and The Rule of Cleavage. When Cosmopolitan of all things does an article about the cleavage, there's a lot of cleavage on the show...and it is glorious.  As Everyone Knows, the CC is All About the Cleavage.  It is one of my many "CC Rules #1"

But All of the fashion on the show is fabulous!  Modern and Fairytale, which may be why I like the fashion so, since I need both Modern and Old-timey looks in SL.  Just look at Regina!  (you could easily come close to this with the red jacket version of the Black arts Flora)

And the hats!  The HATS with the CLEAVAGE and the GLAM makeup  Squeeeeeee!  I need everything Regina wears on the show in please.  Just look at these two modern dresses Regina wears, they are so me.  She also reminds me a bit of Megan Mullally's Karen Walker in "Will & Grace", whose style I also adored.

 Though it isn't actually just Regina's and Zelena's outfits I love, ALL the female characters have such delicious wardrobes in both modern and fairytale settings.  The Gowns!  THE FABULOUS GOWNS!


Amacci Hair

League skin

Lumae skin


Black Arts

Kastle Rock

Empyrean Forge Heritage set on Marketplace

Tekeli-li Inanna staff on Marketplace


Ingenue, Fashion with a Past

Hucci Main store


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