Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dead Dollz Persephone, it's Sexuregal

Just a quick post here.  I went shopping for a new dress to wear to that Linden Party for Premium residents, I wanted something summery but fashionista-y and well, I wanted to be the best dressed Fashionista there.  I knew of one dress I thought would be good, but looked around a bit at some others before I bought it.  I would have eventually bought it anyway.

I crashed several times at the party, and eventually gave up returning, but I really liked the dress and wore it to my favorite social venue when I logged back in.  I Danced with Charlemagne, and a friend there described the dress/look as this one word:


 Sexuregal ©®™ Belle Beom

I so loved that neologism that I had to blog the word, and the gown.  This is the Persephone gown from Dead Dollz available at the Secret Affair. An elegant gown with black halter and waist banding, that shows quite a bit of skin at the hip area.  But it's still classy and not so much skin that it makes it non-classy.  Sexuregal!©®™  I also bought the all black version.  Each is L$300.

I paired it with an older Amacci updo, Carol, which works well with the Angsa hat from Schadenfreude.  That hat is currently one of my favorite hats in SL since you have 3 color options for the hat itself and several options for the band and bow.  There's also an option for long flutter tails with the bow and a bowless option.  I love this hat, it appeals to my love of the Blessed Audrey.

That is the Paradigm jewelry set from Amorous, I've worn it before on the blog.  Skin and eyes are my usual Belleza Betty and IKON Lucid eyes in Moor.


The Secret Affair event





IKON eyes

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