Thursday, September 03, 2015

Hell Freezes Over, I switch to Firestorm

This SL screenshot taken in my house, may look fairly ordinary, but to me it isn't. 

Check the full size version, it's 3840x2114 in size.  No, I'm not running a 4K monitor, I'm using the double size screenshot feature built into SL viewers that actually works on Linux in Firestorm.  Yes, Firestorm  Long time readers may know that almost always used one of LL's Beta builds, though I've sometimes tested older Firestorm builds on my alt.  

I've complained about the double size screenshot feature not working on Linux intermittently before.  At first it didn't work, then it did, then it stopped working...again.  Then came THIS BUG!  Which causes any LL SL build AFTER 3.7.28 to fail to start on a 64-bit Linux.  ANY 64-bit Linux, not just Fedora.  Not only that, but the last build that works on 64-bit Linux has some regressions in regards to textures blurring in and out, and obvious RAM issues.  It is seriously crap, even compared to previous SL viewers in the 3.x.x series.  Why oh why LL doesn't do a proper 64-bit build is beyond me, Linux users have been complaining about it for years. 

I got so fed up, I grabbed the 64-bit Havok-less Firestorm build and tried that.  In the past when I  used Firestorm there were typeface issues, for some reason Firestorm didn't use the same ones that LL's builds do and it had legibility issues.  But now it used what I considered the proper typeface and everything was hunky dory for the most part, once I put the thing in Viewer 3 mode.  Sure there's a few qurks I don't like.  For example, sidebar buttons don't work like they do on LL's viewers where a single click brings them to front (Probably a configuration thing), and the "Stand" button is not where it should be (but they know about that one).

But all that is minor stuff compared to having a build that works, and crashes less often in it's 64-bit form.  (The 32 bit Firestorm version has some of the same memory issues the 32-bit LL clients do.)

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