Thursday, September 03, 2015

Erratic Delice lingerie, co-starring the Maitreya Lara Body, guest starring the Lelutka Karin Head.

First some windlighty, depth of field-y cheesecake on my Dutchie Gustavian Lesbian edition sex be--, I mean my Dutchie Gustavian Lesbian "photoprop" bed! (/me waves to Miss DME and Charlemagne amongst the admirers of CC Cheesecake)

Yes, I forgot to use the ankle lock!  Facepalm moment on my part.

Now for the actual pose stand pictures, still cheesecake though.  I think I resemble my friend LDO in this one:

 Right then, Erratic Delice set, Bra, thong, suspender belt (garter belt for us Yanks), and suspender brief (brief with built in garters), and stockings (with appliers for Maitreya bodies and Slink feet)  Make sure you have the most recent OmniHud 6.1 version of the feet, the stockings require them.  I really can't say more about the lingerie other than it's Erratic, which the glamorous sexpot fashionista types at the Chamber seem to wear.  The fit is good (erratic lingerie also works on non-mesh bodies if you're close to the standard sizes), and it looks REALLY good.  It's frickin shmexy for sure.  You can probably guess I have the fatpack.

I wore it with Truth's new Heloisa hair, a shmexy "windblown supermodel" hair and Hucci's Jacmel pumps

But this post isn't really about the lingerie, it's about the body.  I've been wearing the Maitreya Lara Body for two months now, and can state that I can recommend the body, with a caveat.  That caveat being the lack of fine grained control over the alpha, meaning I can't wear it with some of my mesh items sad to say.  One example being the Steffen Garcia Blair.

Otherwise it works well, is relatively easy to use, and has good support amongst third parties.

 As you can see, I'm also wearing the Karin head, with League Luna head appliers.

Perhaps I shouldn't have picked it up, since I was iffy about the demo. But a couple of friends had been urging me to go ALL mesh with a mesh head, and I wanted to see how it looked with actual League appliers on it so I held my nose at the price (L$2500, I consider it a bit overpriced at that level, I think a 1200 to 1500 price would be more reasonable), and bought the thing, and both sets of the Luna appliers.

Sadly the Luna makeup works much better with blonde hair than red. And you know how I am about my red hair. The lipsticks need a little more work to be more flattering to a redhead.  (As do the Erin makeups) And I'm not sure I like the head, there's something about it when I look at it in profile (from the side) that bothers me.  From the front it's gorgeous, but the side....I have mixed feelings.

Also the head had fewer functions than some other ones I have heard of.  For example there are only two settings for the mouth, closed and slightly open.  Some other heads have animated mouths.  Also lash tinting uses a color picker than some standard presets.  Another caveat involves the included hairbase applier, there aren't enough colors in it and I don't think my favorite hair makers make a hairbase applier for the head yet.

Sadly because of my mixed feelings on this head, I cannot categorically recommend this head, or the other Lelutka heads....yet.  My feelings may change as further updates are made to the head, I hope.

Also, besides LDO, it makes me look like my bacon-loving friend RachelAlivia, who also uses this head, especially with the blonde hair.


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