Friday, May 15, 2015

White Armory Andraste, Elf-y style

Imagine if you will, a redhead obsessed fashionista visiting the page of the Blogging Elf Arica Storaro to see what lovely fantasy, roleplay and non-fantasy items repurposed for fantasy roleplay items she is wearing.  Because after all, she is an Adorable Redheaded Elf who Shops... a LOT.

Then imagine you see something like this recreation of a non-redheaded Elf, which while very pretty, is NOT redheaded and your whole worldview of Adorable Redheaded Elves who Shop collapses.

The CC as a Blonde Elf Archer

It made the CC cry......Not really, of course. I'm joking.  The Blogging Elf looks good as a blonde too, has been blonde for months, and as everyone knows even redhead obsessed moi goes blonde now and then.  But there is just ....something... about a redheaded elf, and if the Blogging Elf ever goes back to red.....I will SQUEE.  Until then... well I have ears, and a bow and on rare ocassions do fantasy looks.

The CC as a proper redheaded elf-y archer.

In actual truth this blog post was inspired by seeing the White Armory Andraste set and thinking it was "Blogging Elf-y".  Though with that name it's obviously "Dragon Age-y", meaning Dragon Age the game. (No, I don't have Dragon Age: Inquisition yet)  Anyway, I can't remember where I saw it, but I finally figured out it was from White Armory (which is familiar to me) and picked it up.   My guess is that it's based on a template, since it looks somewhat familiar, and I know that White Armory has other template based items.  That said, they DO skillfully texture their template items, so even if you DO see the same templates somewhere else, you might want to pick up the White Armory versions as well.

Then I decided I needed some armor/bracers of some kind and boots.  As not-coincidence would have it, White Armory puts styling info in their packaging so you can easily find what they accessorized it with in the displays.  Which is a GREAT idea with cross-marketing potential that more designers should do.

In this case it was the Lassitude & Ennui Thylacine boots, and the Iktharus Bracers/Cuffs/Collar in Brimstone from Plastik.  I've been a L&E fan for years, and know Jackal Ennui does good work so ran right over to look at the boots and pick them up.   The Iktharus armor set comes in a LOT more colors, but I liked the Brimstone the best and it goes best with the Andraste

The Bow and Quiver are the PFC Black Sorrow, which I've shown before.  I'm rather liking this picture of me relaxing against a large tree root.  Peaceful and Sylvan.

The hair is Wasabi Pills Sandy, a hair that The Blogging Elf  wore in March reminded me of it.  Eyes are the IKON Deadshine eyes in Moor. Skin is my usual Belleza Betty.  Ears are from Siyu Suen's Illusions.


Wasabi Pills Hair

Belleza Skins

Siyu Suen's Illusions

IKON eyes

The White Armory


Lassitude & Ennui at Nouveau est. 2005

PFC, Pucca Firecaster Creations

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