Saturday, March 08, 2008

What CC wants....besides the pony.

Yes, I still want a pony for my full sized avatar self (the one from Virrginia Tombola), but there are other things I want in SL. Many of which I cannot find.

First of all, I want some tailored loafer styled shoes:

Lumiani Assisi high heel loafer style pump from Zappos

Chinese Laundry Degree chunky heel loafer from Zappos

Anne Klein Felder tailored loafer Look, a medium-low heel!

I'd also like to see some "Everyday", tailored basics (images and links from Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft):

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Cotton strech shirt This is the sort of thing worn by women everyday to work, it's simple, it's attractive, it has clean lines, it just "works"

Ann Taylor shift dress A basic shift dress one can dress up and dress down. Wear it with a jacket and those Lumiani Assisi's above for work, pair it with dressy jewelry and the equivalent of our Tesla Natasha's or Maitreya Slinky's for a dinner date.

Ann Taylor white shirt and black skirt Oh wait, I have this in SL. :-)

I also need some springy/eastery/ladies-who-lunch pink tweed/boucle suits. Other pastel colours would be good too. (All images and links from ebay)

Karen Scott pink tweed suit A little bit boxy and matronly with the cardigan styled jacket but still a classic.

Nanette Lepore pink tweed suit I really love the silhouette on this one and the insets on the hemline of the skirt. Since it's fitted, it might work well in SL.

Valerie Stevens pink tweed suit Oooh it's so pretty, and the trim! Again, love the fitted silhouette that should work well in SL.

Chanel Jacket Dress So classic, so fabulous, so perfect. Love, love, love.

If anyone has seen anything like these in SL, I NEED to know NOW! If not designers NEED to make them. :-)

I am such a Bree Hodge (van De Kamp) aren't I?

That must be why I like Icing's Stepford Wife

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Tearose Daehlie said...

Those are some seriously great picks, Crono! I actually thought the Lumiani Assisis were sculpties, and immediately looked for a slurl;-)