Saturday, March 08, 2008

My shape, plus gratuitous boobehs!

I've been thinking about shapes recently again and decided to show off mine, without clothing, so that it can be seen better. This is actually a modded freebie shape that I've been using for ages, within a couple of weeks of joining SL. In SL my av is shorter than average, height gizmo's say about 5'7" (170.18cm)which is actually a bit taller than I am in RL. I used to be much taller, about 6' 2", but shrunk myself down to less glamazon proportions for my everyday shape. I also added a bit more flesh to the shape. I'm trying to go for for a fairly realistic for SL look: "the pretty woman next door who looks fab because she does her yoga and pilates, but she actually eats!" I knocked down the breasts from 66 to 60, though I'm beginning to think that 60 is a touch low for some fashions, even though 66 was a touch big for some fashions. I had knocked it up to 66 because TaP Une tended to make boobehs look smaller. I think this shape is pretty close to what I want, though I may tweak the hips up and shoulders down, and my torso and legs may be just a touch long. But I do think my av looks pretty good in most clothing. I probably need to tweak the eye depth and nose bridge, because I had fiddled with that when I was playing with certain eyes (they showed through my eyelids) and never changed it back. I also took these pictures in Windlight. The advanced lighting options weren't open to me before but they are now, even if I can't see the pretty clouds. I think I had the haze setting up just a touch too high, but these pics were taken without any prim lighting.

I love my avatars butt, it's just so cute.

Any comments?


Maggie Dailey said...

Very cute butt! As someone else who is very small in SL (I'm 5'4"), I have a very hard time making prim skirts fit.

Is there a point where you finally stop tweaking, no matter how much you like the skirt?

I know, random question, but still thought I'd ask.

violetta leshelle said...

66! how do you do that? The only thing I'm doing is downsizing the boobs for I have them look awfully pointy(when looking from the side)...I want them round! ugh...must be something with the other numbers probably...but I have been struggling with it since the beginning.

CronoCloud said...

Actually I don't wear prim skirts often, unless it's like a ball gown or something so I tend not to mod them very much before I get frustrated with them. I'll try to get them close.

violetta appearance mode is your friend. you have to play with it because the settings interact. If I was to tweak the gravity slider on the boobehs I'd probably have to tweak the cleavage and size settings too. It helps to start with a good base shape, which I did. It's harder to start from scratch. Also you want your avatar mesh details in the graphics settings up all the way, that'll make things look better. Depending on the tweak changing the number by 1 or 2 can have a good effect. I usually don't tweak by more than 5 at a time.

Ana Lutetia said...

Your shape looks great!
My boobs aren't big but my hips are... compared to other shapes. I agree with "the pretty woman next door who looks fab because she does her yoga and pilates, but she actually eats!"
Also, I believe that women are curvy not flat.