Monday, March 03, 2008

I will be avoiding Skin Fair.

"Why CC, the new Fleur skins are there." you may be thinking.

It's simple, I don't like badly organized events, even if I think it was a good idea, and even if I'm a big fan of the content creators involved.

1. They only have 1 sim, it's not enough. You get more than 20 fashionistas in a sim and you're asking for trouble. Sure the sims can handle more, but not in a "fun and useable" way. Now I'm the sort of person who'd show up nekkid, or intentionally ruthed, it's a skin fair after all, but there's folks who feel the need to show up and show off in their latest bajillion prim hair and 5m wide flexi ball gown....with bling. And an event like this with free and/or cheap skin will attract a hell of a lot of people, enough to fill and/or easily crash 1 sim. I know people love to gather, but big events with lots of avs simply don't work well in SL. That's why some of us would prefer some kind of "virtual fair" where the designers involved did special branding/adverts/promotions in their own stores, thus reducing the strain. Then hand out special HUDS, that when you click on a "Fair" location bring up the map so you can see how busy it is, and choose another.

2. They didn't promote it well. I didn't know the Skin Fair was on "for sure" til last Tuesday! They should have had all their cards together: location, time, etc and been promoting it for weeks! But maybe they were promoting it, but I didn't have any information. The only promotion I got was a picture of Sachi Vixen's booth from Sachi herself last Tuesday, and I'm press! Second string press, but press nonetheless. If Aradia Dielli dropped some press package on me I didn't see it, and I know there are others who should have got press info that didn't. Handing out press kits means the press doesn't have to actually go there and fall through the ground, walk in slow motion, see unrezzed sculptie ball shoes, unrezzed vendors, and everything else that comes with lagtastic events. They can sit at their home/studio/skybox and do their thing.

In other words, if you want to do a big event, pre-planning, lots of it, is essential.


Anonymous said...

Why must Aradia Dielli drop a press kit on you or anyone? I was not part of the organization of the fair. I was simply doing the show, that was all. My company wasn't even hired to build the stage, only to provide the models and make sure the show got done.

Just making that clear. hehe

Aradia Dielli

CronoCloud said...

Thanks for the info, Aradia. I was under the mistaken impression that you were handling PR, since you were the go-to person to access to the Vanity Universe sim when it was closed off to non-press.

Who is the Skin Fair's PR person?

Anonymous said...

I was not the "go to" person, but I was organizing the show and was given certain access to the estate tools because I had to lock the land when the models were locked out due to a crash, Carl also went into the hospital that day and gave me access so I could open the sim at 1pm as promised to the public.

The PR person was one of the organizers, I can't quite remember her name Anyshua or something along those lines.

I just love how people assume things, hehe not you but whoever told you that.

<3 Ara