Monday, March 03, 2008

I miss the old Second Style blog

You know, when it was just Celebrity Trollop and a few loveable lackeys like Choice, Grazia, etc.

It had more..."soul". It felt more "personal" like Celeb and friends were my gorgeous fashionista friends helping me find the good stuffage. It seems impersonal now, with that Second Style Network and all. Sigh. It's not that I don't understand being busy, having other projects, or not having enough people, and the grid overflowing with stuffage. I just miss what it was, but realize that SL has changed and that Second Style perhaps can't go back to what it was.

Ahh I guess I'm an oldbie now, ranting about how things aren't like they were in the good ol days.

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Grazia said...

awww... Crono.. thank you... peaches, I miss it too... but the blogosphere has changed. If I could be in world 24/7 hunting for new things that not at least 15 others are covering at the same time, it would already be a different thing. I have not left Second Style, but I don't feel like posting atm either.

<3 Graz