Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clothing Fair, a Relay for Life in SL event.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but my Dad is a prostate cancer survivor, and cancer killed both of my mother's sisters, so I support the various RFL events in SL and RL. Here's the press release:

Announcing the Relay for Life, Clothing Fair 2008 brought to you by Relay's Raiders with sims Donated by the Rezzable Group.

The much anticipated Relay for Life, Clothing Fair will be opening it’s doors March 17, and run thru March 23, 2008. Jam packed with live music, treasure hunts… and fashion shows this year’s fair features 84 of SL’s premier designers! Kicking off this years Relay for Life Clothing Fair will be a multi-sim St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The event runs 24/7 until the doors close on the 23rd.

This year’s concept spans four sims to ensure a low lag, positive shopping experience. Watch all our sponsors for more infomation on this event.

Come stroll the seasons and help us “Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back”. We can make a difference! Until there's a cure, there's Relay for Life.

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