Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fashionista is an inclusive word, or should be.

When I use the term fashionista in SL, I'm not just using it to describe those who blog or designers, I use it to mean any fan/follower of fashion in SL. That includes anyone that has carefully chosen their look to fit some kind of theme or idea, like how Ordinal Malaprop's avatar looks exactly like you'd expect a quirky Victorian Steampunk inventrix to look.

Here I am, in a picture taken last august at Miriel Enfield's store, with fashionista Judi Recreant. I saw her and noticed her outfit, and went over to talk. We had a most enjoyable chat.

My outfit was from Little Rebel, with a Fleur skin of course, Enkythings pinson boots, ETD Melinda hair in Crimson. She was wearing an outfit from rebel hope, hair from Gurl6, shoes from Fleur, skin from insolence.

On another note, don't be afraid to chat up the more "famous" fashionistas, we're just pixels, though sometimes busy. I was told a couple of days ago, that when I had visited a store that the designer hid from me! She said she was like, "zomg zomg zomg, Crono is in MY store! what should I do, should I talk to her, zomg zomg zomg" She said she still gets starstruck talking to certain people in SL. I told her that I was the same, "zOMG, she's talking to ME! zOMG, what should I say, do I sound like an obsessive fan, zOMG!" So talk! Chat us up! Tell us you like our shoes!


Sai Pennell said...

I do the fangirl thing ALL the time! So much so.... that its almost embarrassing to admit.

And yes, I get nervous when fashionistas come into my shop... mainly because I worry what they will think about my stuffs. But then I get excited that they even bothered to tp to my little store. :D

Sometimes the famous fashionistas can be very intimidating to talk to... at least for me. So, I can understand when designers hide to fangirl in the shadows XD

Anonymous said...

SLebrities, they're just like us!

Actually, CC, I have to admit that the first time we met (at a Metro rehearsal, I think) I totally had a "zOMG" moment. But you complimented my dress and quickly defused that.

I still occasionally have moments of hesitation before talking to "famous" fashion people, but primarily that's because I've had a couple "diva" experiences, though they are by far the exception.

J said...

Zomg, zomg !! Chrono posted a picture of moi !
*fans face to keep from fainting ..

We did have a lovely chat, and I have that photo, which I cherish. I also ran over and bought one of the Danielle bags you mentioned.