Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Re-Opening of House of Gestures

I was thinking about gestures a few days ago and received this press release while offline, the 9pm slot is still upcoming so I'm going to post it:


March 3, 2008—Unknown Unzoned—If you are looking for the perfect woot to shout out during a fierce SL fashion show or the sultriest rawr to add to your boudoir repertoire, then you must go to the Grand Re-Opening of House Of Gestures on Wednesday, March 5. Owned by Blazin Aubret and Tristan Careless, this company is opening its doors to the public at 12 noon SLT and 9:00pm SLT for two big, down and dirty extravaganzas!

Don’t mistake this Grand Re-Opening as one of SLs oh-so chic events. No ball gowns required for entry here! There is a gritty, urban ambience, and you can almost smell the cigarette smoke wafting through the air as you explore the sim. This place will remind you of the back alleys your parents told you to stay away from. DJ Kromus Korobase will also be the featured DJ during both events, and you know he’s not known for keeping his clothes on!

Watch out for:
- Funny and sexy trivia games with prize giveaways such as gag gifts, Linden dollars, and gift certificates
- A $1200 photo session giveaway with "Cut Above Photography"
- Gesture hunt on the land with 15 free gestures to be found

The store features various gesture selections, such as Movies, TV, Comedy, YouTube, Music, Club/Party, Howls, Expressions, Gaming, Kids, XXX and more. With 98% of the gestures being fully animated and all being custom-made (including Chatart/ASCII), you are sure to find one or more to suit your filthy tastes! *Rawr*

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