Monday, March 03, 2008

Fashion Circle Jerk

Several commenters on a post about the various blog feeds on Shopping Cart Disco made that remark. That everybody blogs the same stuff, that the fashion press feeds on each other. And sometimes that there's conflict of interest a la someone working for/renting from/economically intertwined a designer still blogging said designers stuffage. You know what, they're right for the most part.

That's one reason I do commentary and opinion and don't do new items like a lot of other blogs do. This is a blog what I like blog.

I also don't ask for review copies, for one I don't have lots of SL time these days, so if would feel wrong. I DO tell people where they can send their stuff.

There's also things I won't blog, for example, I work for Metro Models and thusly am an associate/employee of Alaska Metropolitan. Therefore it would be wrong for me to blog any of her new stuffage as a "review".

If you're a new content creator, IM me, I probably won't have the time to blog your stuff, but I am willing to take a look and give a quick opinion via IM or in person.

Marketing advice....well that's another story, because that's one of the services Metro Models offers. And I wish more folks took advantage of those services. There comes a time when winging it isn't cutting it anymore in the competitive SL fashion market. You have to "bring your A game" and it's best if your stuffage is as good as what's already out there, if not better or more unique.

I could rant on marketing, ad design, etc all day and I'm not even a professional!


'Kota Buck said...

I agree with you completely on this. I think it's so very wrong of people closely associated with or employed by a brand to "review" it. I feel like I can't even put into words how strongly I feel about this so I'll leave it at that.

Dot Lane said...

There are too many contradictions inherent in "reviewing" clothes in SL, as you rightly point out. There aren't enough degrees of separation in SL to dilute the conflicts of interest. I make it quite clear on my blog that I'm an enthusiast, not a reviewer. I doubt there are many true reviewers among SL fashion bloggers--most of us don't buy what we don't like, don't blog about what we don't like, and god forbid anyone should go on the record with negative comments about style or quality. It's easier to just ignore the crap since there are so many other beautiful things to write about.

Sans said...

What 'Kota and Dot said, and thanks for taking a stand on this, CC :)

Sansarya Caligari

Phoenix Chapman said...

I identified myself as a true reviewer when I first started and up until recently, but I gave it up because it was tiring lol

Graciana McMillan said...

Right or wrong, I do more features of what I like...just my opinion of course and as such it can be taken or left. But I don't review, and I like the points made here and plan on changing the way I describe myself in the future. Like others have said..if I don't like it..or if i wouldn't *really* wear it...I won't show it off.