Monday, October 01, 2007

Secrets of the Catwalk (new shoots show)

So I can add another "skill" to my SL resume, runway model. As some readers might know I'm a member of the Metro Models Agency. I've been friends with Alaska for ages. Well not ages, but a long time SL wise. We talk all the time.

Anyway she asked me to join and I said yes. So I went through the training. What's that you say, there's training? Yep. The little things you need to know to make things easier, quicker, better. And I went through the rehearsals. Yes, rehearsals, there's timing and movement to get down pat.

I was assigned as backup model to the New Shoots Persona and AnnaH, Saturday show, which suited me fine. I wanted to watch the show and get a feel for how they worked before I did any future runway work, if any. Yes, having backups is important because one of the scheduled models couldn't make the show and I was there to fill in.

Here's a shot of the backstage drama....NOT!

Let me tell you the most important skill an SL model has, it's not the ability to make/mod a nice shape, or the ability to shop for a shape flattering skin, it's the ability to follow instructions. Because that's what we do, follow orders, follow cues, hit our marks, cue our poses, have the right outfits on when they need to be on. That sort of thing. When you're doing that, you're focusing on doing your job as best as you can through lag, or anything else the grid can throw at you. There's not time for drama, so simple professionalism and a few jokes rules the day. Weirdly enough, it's a lot like being a healer in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.

The show itself went as smooth as silk, models rezzed, we hit our marks well, timing was good, the raffle script (which I assisted with) worked as it was supposed to and as far as I know, none of the models crashed. Though we did lose one of the event hosts for a minute or two, but Alaska was prepared.

Not only that, but the ensembles were great too, I really liked the ones I wore. I only took the one picture because I was afraid of doing anything that might make me crash. That's the Carmen outfit from AnnaH which I thought of as the kind of outfit a "desperate housewife" might wear when she wants to dress up a little but not too much. A kind of Chico's flavor if you will, at least to me.

All in all, I enjoyed it, but I was nervous because I didn't want to mess up the show. But everything turned out okay, thanks to planning and competency of the Metro Models Agency, Models and Staff. Yay for us.



And thank you, too ;)

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